Tracked That Bird

Well, yesterday I picked myself up an Arrow II satellite antenna.  After fiddling with it, labeling the pieces for easy set up, I set out to try to track my first bird (satellite).

SO-50 was making a low pass to the east this evening at 0353UTC (2053 local).  I set up as I had seen in several videos, knew where the birds would rise and waited.

At about 2056 I picked up the first audio I have heard from an amateur satellite.  I did not bother at this time to note call signs, etc., I was just jazzed on successfully tracking my first satellite on amateur radio.

The contacts were heard for about 10 minutes, until the bird dropped below the north-east horizon.  My interest and curiosity is piqued.  Off I go on a new adventure.

73 de Mike, W6GYC

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