Old Stuff

Sometime I run into nice little things to add to my collection.  This page is for these things.

 Blast from the past

I found this little guy in an antique shop in Wrightwood California several years ago.  I was able to ID it as from the Signal Electric Co.Menominee,Mich, but have not been able to put a firm date on it.

UPDATE: 3/22/17 This appears to be a Signal Electric Jr. Learner Set.  They cam in 2 models, the M-112 (4 ohms) and the M-113 (20 ohms).  Bets I can tell, they were around in the early 1900’s (20’s – 30’s).

Although not part of my “official” gear, it is nice to have on the desk and perhaps, someday, doing a bit of refurbishing on it.




73 de Mike, W6GYC

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