Yaesu FT-60R HT

American Morse KK1B

Arrow Antenna


Radio (HT) Yaesu FT-60R

Here is my gear.  A modest collection, but hoping to add more later this year.

DSC_0074This  is my HT.  It is a Yaesu FT-60R.  This is a dual band, 2m/70cm, radio.  Has an extended receive.  I was looking for a radio that did AM air bands, plus some public service frequencies.  This does it.    Here is a closer look at the radio.

DSC_0087I have always been partial to Yaesu radios.  They just seem a good quality and have been good radios to work with.

The radio is a nice size, but the only thing I really do not like are the size and closeness of the dials.  With my baseball mitt hands, it can be difficult to turn the radio on and off (center dial, along with volume) and use the squelch (small ring on right hand dial).


Gear – American morse KK1B

Small little key for those really portable needs.


Antenna (Satellite / 2m, 70cm Yagi)

My satellite “ground station” consists of an Arrow Antenna II.  It is a dual band yagi for 2m/70cm, which makes it perfect for FM satellite chasing.  There is a duplexer in the main mast where the handle would go.  The antenna is on a camera tripod and have added a custom tray for the radio.  The dial displays the inclination of the mount in degrees.

DSC_0101DSC_0110The interesting thing about this antenna is the name, Arrow.  The purple elements on this antenna are made from actual arrow shafts.  I designed the extention to the rear of the antenna, based on other folks work, to hold my radio.  I also included a small area in which to hold pass information as well as make contact notes, etc.

As I am not spending too much time in satellites these days, this antenna will also come in handy for a dual band general use yagi, if I should ever need one.


73 de Mike, W6GYC

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  1. Dave, AA6RE

    That is a nice looking FT817 case. I do portable operation from local parks and this would be a very convenient setup.


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