Mods.  What are they?

I am glad you asked.  Mods, or modifications, are things that some amateurs change, or modify, on their equipment.  Some mods are done for esthetic reasons.  Some practical.  Some necessary.

Some mods can cause a radio to operate outside of it’s normal frequency range.  Usually there is a reason for this, such as MARS, etc.  these are mods that the manufacturers allow for this purpose.  Other mods are outside of “legal” allowances.

The mods I am going to focus on in my page here are practical mods that in some way make better or more convenient, the operation of my gear.

I will be posting more on this soon.

73.  Mike W6GYC

Antenna Mod

The first thing I like to do on an HT is to switch out the stock antenna.  The stock antennas are not usually of the highest quality and some third party antennas can give you better performance.  Of course, all of this is relative to your own operating practices and preferences, so take this however you will.

This is the radio with the stock antenna


Now, other than being a stock antenna.  The antenna uses and SMA mount.


I do not particularly care for SMA mounts for a couple of reasons.  First, I do not think they are as robust as BNC mounts, and when you dual use your radio (as in swapping antennas) then BNC is much easier and faster.  So, to put a BNC equipped antenna on this radio, I need an adapter.


This little guy is an SMA to BNC adapter.  This is from Diamond and costs around $9.95.  So, I put the adapter on the radio.


Well, that set up leaves a bit to be desired.  The adapter does not fit snugly against the radio body.  Probably even weaker than the stock antenna.  What to do?


I found a washer in my collection.  Seems a good size and is a bit “squishy”.  I believe that this is a number 8 washer.  I insert the washer between the radio and adapter and viola.


The washer fills in the gap and is slightly compressed to help strengthen the connection and even looks like an integral part of the set up.  Although hard to see in the picture, the case to the left of the antenna has a slight downward angle.  The washer fills the gap in perfectly.  So, on the new antenna.


This is a Pryme RD-8 2M/440 dual band antenna.  This costs around $20 and is 7.5″ long.  I have had nice luck with this antenna and it seems to be working well.

The finished mod below.



73 de Mike, W6GYC

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